Advancing Da Nang’s Youth competencies in combating plastic ocean pollution programme

On June 28, 2018 CECR and Da Nang Youth Union established a partnership to implement “Chương trình nâng cao năng lực thanh niên Đà Nẵng trong việc tiên phỏng bảo vệ biển khỏi rác thải nhựa” (Advancing Da Nang’s Youth competencies in combating plastic ocean pollution programme). The programme is part of the project “Đại dương không nhựa” (No plastic Ocean) in which CECR has played a prominent role. The programme aims at increasing the young people’s awareness of citizen environmental responsibilities towards collecting, recycling, and reducing of plastic trash to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. Moreover, the programme contributes to the establishment of a Da Nang’s youth network to pioneer in combating ocean plastic pollution.
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nicolas bernier

Dear cecr team,
i am nicolas bernier from sustenea / oceankita, based in indonesia. we are working to reduce marine debris with a number of solutions, especially collection systems and plastic recycling process. We were one of the finalist at eppic vietnam supported by undp. I would very much appreciate to get in touch and explore any possibility for collaboration.
Best regards