Coalition to Advocacy for Water Pollution Control and Clean water Act

From the initiative of the Center for Environment and the Community Research and a number of organizations to form a network monitoring water pollution in Vietnam, October 2013, Coalition for Advocacy for Water Pollution Control and Clean Water Act (referred to as the Coalition for Clean Water) was officially established, under the support program of Oxfam.
Coalition to Advocacy for Water Pollution Control and Clean Water Act is a set of non-governmental organizations, authorities, scientific institutions, media organizations, communities, business, scientists , legal and environmental experts working together to contribute to supervise the construction and implementation of policies to control and prevent water pollution, contribute to the build of Water Pollution Control Law for Vietnam.
Operational network of the Coalition includes the following organizations: Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) – as the coordinator and other member organizations: Center for Environment and Community Development (CECOD), Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNPC), Tay Bac University, Can Tho University, Ho Chi Minh University of Science and Technology, the Journal of Environment and Quang Tri single-member Limited Liability Commercial Company, scientists, environmental experts and lawmakers. CECR acts as the coordinating agency with the responsibility to support, coordinate and connect members to implement activities in order to maximize the ability of the parties and convey recommendations as well as the Coalition’s message to the authorities, the legislature and the public.
The overall goal of the Coalition is: Protect water resources in front of industrial pollution and other pollution sources, to ensure safe water access of economic activities and livelihoods. With specific objectives as follows:
– Promote control and prevent water pollution with the participation of the community and related parties.
– Establish a legal and scientific basis for the completion of existing legal framework of water pollution control and construction of water pollution control law.
– Coalition for Clean Water has the capacity and willingness to act on the problem of controlling and preventing water pollution.
Fields of activity
1. Study to build evidence
– Policy analysis: Research, review, and analysis of existing legislation related to water pollution control.
– Study the lessons from foreign countries: Study the experience and the policy of other countries on the control and prevention of water pollution, the pollution treatment measures, to support the construction work of policy and legislation related to water pollution control in Vietnam.
– Study by issue: Carry overview research and practical investigation of aspects related to water pollution and water pollution control in typical polluted water bodies in the country (Bung Cu stream – Dong Nai, Cau Luong – Hung Yen, Hanoi lake … ..) in order to assess the effects of water pollution on health, the economy of the community, and identify gaps in management, institutional policy, technical, social and responsibilities of the parties, while building typical models for community supervision of water pollution.
2. Communication
The messages, the study results, the typical cases, the recommendations will be transmitted through professional conferences, policy seminars, discussed at the forum, published in professional journals and the mass media.
3. Advocacy
Advocacy is done through the existing channels of coalition members to honestly reflect the state of water pollution with lawmakers and propose highly scientific and feasible recommendations.
For further information please contact:
Center for Environment and Community Research
Suite 501&502, E1 Buiding, Trung Tu Diplomatic Compound, No.6 Dang Van Ngu, DongDa, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Phone: 043-9728 063
For more details on activities of the Coalition for Clean Water, please follow this link:

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