Over-aiming should be avoided

Examining the criteria of discharging water or emitting polluted air into the environment, the taxes aiming at the production of plastic or the requirements for air quality, we see that the Environment Protection Regulations is over-aiming by targeting too many sectors, which makes it impossible to work. Environmental regulations are usually established during the industrialization period and constantly updated according to the context. In Vietnam, the Environmental Protection Regulations were established in 1993, making it one of the youngest environmental law set in the world. Nonetheless, the responsibility borne by the law is significant. The implementation of the Regulations is extremely troublesome as it requires not only the right leadership and mindsets but also new technologies and supporting infrastructure. One of difficulties Vietnam’s environment regulations is facing is the main factors protected by the law: Water and Air, which have typical characteristics and require different sets of regulations and technological competencies. It is recommended to establish separate regulations concerning Water and Air to better solve the complex problems. For example, in the US, there is no general Environmental regulations available but only policies and law targeting specific environmental factors. Another example is Korea as they have been dividing the initial Environmental regulations into small components. Looking into the context of Vietnam, Environmental Protection Regulations play an important role in the economic and social development. The Regulations were adjusted two times already and continue to be adapted. This is the only way the Regulations can effectively and efficiently reach environmental goals. From: http://daibieunhandan.vn/default.aspx?tabid=83&NewsId=408298
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