Earth Day 2015: “Water is the core of sustainable development – Join hands to protect Hanoi lakes”

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Ha Noi, 19/04/2015: This morning at the Thong Nhat Park, Earth Day 2015 organized by the Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) in collaboration with the General Department of Environment, Ambassador US Consulate, and the Coalition for Clean Water has taken place, with the message “Water is the core of sustainable development” and “Join hands to protect Hanoi lakes”. About more than 2000 volunteers have attended the event, the volunteers come from different associations in Hanoi include Ngoc Khanh, Hoang Van Thu, Quang An, Kim Lien, O Cho Dua, Ha Dinh Ward, and the Green Community Club of Public Health University, VFEC of University of Natural Resources and Environment, INEST of Hanoi University of Technology, C25 of Institute of Policy and Development, Agricultural Academy youth and students, Vietnamese Youth Development Society, Hai Duong Association of Countrymen Student Club, Volunteer Student Ha Tay, volunteer clubs in Hanoi, Association of Female intellectuals for Environmental Protection and Climate change, the Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment club, Hanoi Lake Club. Some enterprises also supported the event including: Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam, Viet A Bank, Lock & Lock Co., New Quantum Co.

The program includes activities to raise awareness about water environment protection, call for protection of Hanoi lakes with specific activities include: cleaning up Bay Mau lake, Thien Quang lake and the surrounding area, cycling for Hanoi lakes, distributing leaflets about environmental protection, exchanging trash for trees and environmental friendly products, exhibiting of paintings and environmental protection products made by organizations, clubs, volunteers..Along with the activities is the musical show with the participation of famous singers such as Tu Nhu Tai, David Murray, Thuy Anh, the flashmob dance and performances from students and youths supporting water and lakes protection in Hanoi, called on people to stop littering and discharging garbage and waste water into our water sources.

Speaking on the occasion of Earth Day 2015, Mr. Hoang Duong Tung, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Environment Administration – Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said: “Environmental pollution in general and water pollution in particular not only causes significant damages to economic activities but also increases the burden of caused by disease and degrade the life quality. Only in the recently four years, about 6 million cases of diseases related to water pollution counted nationwide. Direct costs for medical care of cholera, typhoid, dysentery and malaria were around 400 billions. Hence, protecting the environment, particularly water environment, is not only the responsibility of the Government but also requires the participation of the community. Through Earth Day event, I hope each of us will gain a greater awareness of environmental issues, the importance of water in socio-economic development, thus participate more actively in practical activities such as protection of water resources around the habitat”

Joined Earth Day events this year, Mr. Ted Osius, United States Ambassador to Vietnam said: “All of us want to breathe clean air. All of us want clean water to drink. All of us want to live in the clean community area. When we protect the environment, we protect the health of our families. Like you, I want my children to grow up in a clean and healthy world.”

Mr. Lai Thai Binh, Deputy Director of the American Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “Earth Day is an event of great significance for us to raise awareness and evaluate correctly natural environment on Earth. The event was held in Hanoi for the first time on April 22.4.2012 in Ngoc Khanh Lake with the participation of the United States Ambassador in Vietnam, Sir David Shear, in order to launch a movement for protecting Hanoi lakes. Along with “promoting more substantive cooperation in many fields in both” Vietnam and the United States are, we are also glad to witness the close cooperation between the US Embassy in Hanoi, VEA and Center for Environment and Community Research in the organization of Earth Day 2015. On the occasion of 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States, I hope that this event will contribute to promote a forceful and effective cooperation between the two countries in environmental protection work, a positive contribution to the restoration of current contaminated water sources”

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ly, Director of the Center for Environment and Community Research said: “Hanoi’s lakes are a special asset of Hanoi and the whole country. In recent years, many lakes have become cleaner thanks to the efforts of communities that the pioneers are members of Hanoi Lake Club, Women’s Unions, volunteers in lake cleaning and protecting activities. We expect the event Earth Day will promote the participation of each of the people of Hanoi and nationwide in the protection of water resources, gradually help the country get rid of pollution and become cleaner in the future – Hanoi’s lakes will be green for our children’s future. ”

In response to Earth Day 2015, many localities in the country also organize practical activities such as: cleaning up the environment, collecting waste, solving urging environmental issues in residential areas, offices, units, schools, production facilities, sales, widening flows and dredging canals, ponds, drainage systems.

The annual April 22nd recognized by the United Nations as the Earth Day – aims at engaging the participation of countries in the world in environmental protection of the Earth. Every year on this day, hundreds of millions of people from 192 countries organize activities for environmental protection activities, such as: cleaning, garbage collecting, planting trees, and recreational activities to raise awareness and promote community involvement in environmental protection.

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