Looking back to those 2 years of operation of the Hanoi Lake Club

In the context of many lakes in Hanoi are degraded and encroached therefore establishing Hanoi Lake Club became very practical and has a certain meaning. Hanoi Lake Club is aggregation of individual who have a special love with Hanoi lake. With object is “contributing, rehabilitating, protecting to help Hanoi Lake go back true value themself are public spaces in the capital”. Hanoi Lake Club is established in October 20th, 2014. Looking back to those 2 years of operation of the Hanoi Lake Club


 Mr. Trương Mạnh Tiến – President Hanoi Lake Club had a speed in the day establishment


Cleanup in every weekend 

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Attending in event environment such as World Water Day, Earthday ….


Supporting Quảng An Community to constract Ao chéo model 


Improve capacity

Thùy Trang – CECR

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