Training on “Water pollution monitoring skills for the community”


In the two days of 10-11/7/2015 in Ninh Binh, the Coalition for Clean Water and Center for Environment and Community Research has held the training program “Water pollution monitoring skills for the community” for the core community groups in 5 provinces (Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Son La, Binh Duong and Da Nang). The objective of the training program are to:

• Improve understanding of the aquatic environment, freshwater ecosystems, and the effects of water pollution on the health and economy of the community.
• Provide knowledge and supervisory skills for community water pollution.
• Develop plans to implement activities for water pollution monitoring in each local community.

This training program is within the framework of the activity Building Models for Community participation in Water pollution monitoring in the program Coalition to Advocacy for water Pollution Control and Clean water Act (Coalition for Clean Water) sponsored by Oxfam and CECR is the coordinating agency. The purpose of modeling activity is to promote the implementation of the laws on the role of the community in environmental protection has been stipulated in the Environmental Protection Act, 2014.

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