Green Festival in Moc Chau

Green Festival – For the World without Waste held on June 23, 2019, in a famous tourist district of Son La province which is Moc Chau. The program is organized by Son La Communist Youth Union, CECR and Coca-Cola Vietnam Company.

Overview of the Green Festival

With the message “Join hands for Son La without waste”, the Program aims to encourage each local resident, every tourist to join hands (1) reducing waste through adequate consumption and shopping; (2) disposing of waste at prescribed places; (3) segregation recyclable and resource waste such as plastic bottles, paper, metal cans; (4) step by step minimizing the reduction towards removing plastic straws, foam boxes, plastic bags; (5) promote the segregation and treatment of organic waste at the source. The attendees of the Festival are representatives of Vietnam Tourism Association; representatives of Provincial Committee for Public Relation, Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism, Department of Natural Resources and Environment; Moc Chau district people’s committee; leader of Dong Sang commune; Districts, city unions and more than 200 armed forces, communist youth, students, and numerous people of Dong Sang commune..

The Festival program has two main contents:

(1) Green Festival event – For a world without waste with meaningful activities including Communist youth union members, students cleaned up along the road from Tu Nhien village culture house to tourist area Ang village pine forest; contest of waste reduction, classification and recycling of youth union members from the provincial Youth Union, Doan Quynh Nhai, Van Ho, Moc Chau districts.

The doner – Coca-Cola Company Vietnam gave Moc Chau District’s Communist Youth Union some communication publications on environmental protection and plastic waste prevention.

Visting green initiative booths

(2) Tourism without waste discussion: delegates exchanged, stated the status and potential in travel tourism and festivals for Vietnam’s tourism picture in particular and Son La province in general; status of solid waste management especially in the tourism sector of the province, the importance of implementing sustainable development activities and implementing corporate environmental responsibilities in tourism, especially waste management according to 3R. At the end of the seminar, 21 community tourism business owners signed a commitment to reduce, classify and recycle waste.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Ly, Director of CECR shared the content on Sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility

Homestay owners sign a commitment to reduce, classify and recycle waste at source

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