Established at the end of 2009 under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), the Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) has been involving passionate scientists, staff andspecialists in researching and implementing projects on environmental protection and community-based climate change adaptation. Accordingly, our works are contributing to ensuring a healthy living environment for the present and the future.

At CECR, we believe that solutions to current environmental problems need mainly to be implemented at the local level, within the framework of national guidelines and policies. These solutions must be developed and solved by enthusiastic people themselves. That will lead to a change in attitudes and behaviors of communities and individuals in protecting the environment and adapting to the climate change in a positive way.

Applying digital technology to effectively connect and mobilize meaningful participation of partners in environmental protection and climate change adaptation activities is CECR’s approach. CECR’s main partners include government agencies, international organizations, NGOs, schools, mass organizations, businesses, media/press groups, jurists, experts and the community. CECR specifically promotes the pioneering role of women and young people in environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

CECR’s mission: “Contributing to ensuring a healthy living environment for the present and the future. We are pioneers in water conservation, waste management, effective climate change adaptation, and gender equality promotion.”

CECR’s vision: “To be a reliable and pioneering partner in the application of digital technology to connect state agencies, international organizations, businesses, and the community to join collectively protect the environment and adapt to climate change.”

Core values: Networking – Energetic – Inspiration – Learning – Think tank & Innovation


“Turning challenges into innovative solutions”