Sustainable urban waste management: A community-based separating, collecting and recycling process

(23/05/2018) The conference “Sustainable urban waste management: A community-based separating, collecting and recycling process”, held by CECR and Da Nang’s Resources and Environment, attracted more than 60 departments, experts, business leaders, reporters, and people’s representatives. The conference discussed the policy issues and how to collectively address them in order to managing waste sustainably. The conference […]

CECR is recruiting a consultant

CAWACON- TERMS OF REFERENCE Consultancy on Scoping Study on Mapping and Capacity Needs Assessment of Relevant National and Local CSOs, international NGOs working on Issues of Water Pollution, Water Conservation in Vietnam Scope of the Consultancy The Project “Collective Actions for Water Conservation” (short name: CAWACON), supported by USAID Local Work in Vietnam is to […]

Circular Economy in Waste Management: “Clean roads are cool – Clear of trash, Hoan Kiem is cheerful!”

On September 11, 2020, a meeting regarding “Surveillance Study on Waste Composition, Separation, and Low Value Plastic Waste Collection” was held at the Headquarter of the People’s Council – Hoan Kiem district People’s Committee, 126 Hang Trong, Hanoi. The meeting aimed to share the survey outcomes on plastic waste segregation and collection in the District, […]

CECR sponsors for IC Master 2019 – Communicators Master Competition

The talented communicator – IC Master is a competition held annually by the Faculty of Communication & Foreign Affair – Diplomatic Academy. Through six successful seasons, this year, the IC Master 2019 contest continues the seventh season with the theme of “Green Media”. Taking on the mission of seeking young “talented communicators” throughout Hanoi city, […]

Over-aiming should be avoided

Examining the criteria of discharging water or emitting polluted air into the environment, the taxes aiming at the production of plastic or the requirements for air quality, we see that the Environment Protection Regulations is over-aiming by targeting too many sectors, which makes it impossible to work. Environmental regulations are usually established during the industrialization […]

Da Nang Earth Day event draws thousands of people

PSNews – Thousands of locals and visitors took part in an “Earth Day” event titled “For an ocean without plastics”, which was held on April 22 in Son Tra District, Da Nang. The event, co-organized by the Center for Environmental and Community Research (CECR) and the Son Tra District People’s Committee, aimed to raise public […]

Da Nang Earth Day event to draw 1,000 attendees

VOV.VN – Around 1,000 delegates will take part in an Earth Day event which will be held along the Le Duc Tho-Hoang Sa streets in Son Tra District, Da Nang on April 22. The event aims to raise public awareness of the importance of separating and recycling waste to reduce the volume of rubbish dumped […]