According to Telegraph, Boiling River is located deep in the Amazon rainforest in Mayantuyavu of Peru (South America), is the hottest river in the world. People call the river “Shanay-timpishka”, meaning “boiling with the heat of the Sun”.

Boiling River is about 25 m wide and 6 m deep but only lasts about 6.4 km. River water temperature ranges from 50-90 degrees Celsius, sometimes up to 100 degrees Celsius, enough to cause anyone who touches it even for a few seconds to get 3rd degree burns.

In 2011, scientist Andrés Ruzo witnessed this river. Ruzo heard his grandfather tell about Shanay-timpishka when he was 12 years old. According to what is said, the river was discovered by the Spanish people when they went deep into the forest looking for gold. Some of the people on the way back said that this land was dangerous, filled with poisonous water, man-eating snakes, hunger and thirst, disease, a river boiling from the bottom. Later, he was also confirmed by his aunt that he had seen the river.

Originally studying for a doctorate in geology at Southern Methodist University, Ruzo was really curious about this river. He consulted with colleagues at school, oil, gas and mining companies, all suggesting that the river is not real because the boiling rivers and lakes in the world often have a relationship with volcanoes. While the Amazon shows almost no signs of volcanoes.

Despite all the disproved theories, Ruzo still decided to go deep into the forest and track down the location of the river that had cured the Ashaninka people in Mayantuyacu.

He wrote a book about the river in 2016 called The Boiling River, Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon, in the hope that the book will appeal to people. public attention to the real natural wonder and dedicated to protecting it from the growing threat from illegal logging.

(Source: Collector)

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