On the morning of August 25, 2023, at CECR’s office, a meeting took place between CECR’s Board of Directors and Mr. Giando Zppia, CEO of start-up company Faber Capital (Faber). Faber is an investment banking company founded by a team of experts in International Banking, Capital Markets and Private Equity with many years of experience. Faber has expertise in advising clients with complex transactions and situations, fundraising and significant transactions, assisting in the development of corporate strategies taking into account current capital market conditions. operate in domestic and foreign markets and assist in capital arrangement through appropriate capital structures. 

Dr. Nguyen Khac Hung – CEO CECR Mr. Giando Zppia, CEO of start-up company Faber Capital (Faber)

Taking place in an open atmosphere, the meeting aimed to exchange and introduce the two sides, along with strategic cooperation opportunities between CECR and Faber to implement investment-related projects, green finance in the fields of environmental protection, focusing on the topics of energy, climate change, solid waste, clean water,… in line with the needs and capacities of the two sides.


Members attending the meeting


At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation in the future.


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