Circular Economy in Waste Management: “Clean roads are cool – Clear of trash, Hoan Kiem is cheerful!”

On September 11, 2020, a meeting regarding “Surveillance Study on Waste Composition, Separation, and Low Value Plastic Waste Collection” was held at the Headquarter of the People’s Council – Hoan Kiem district People’s Committee, 126 Hang Trong, Hanoi. The meeting aimed to share the survey outcomes on plastic waste segregation and collection in the District, and to discuss a number of solutions in order to enhance people’s participation in an effective process of sorting and recycling low-value plastic waste.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Ly – Chairman of CECR Management Board introduced the model of sorting and collecting plastic waste in Da Nang and facilitated the discussion session

The representatives of the meeting participants were Ms. Trinh Thi Minh Phuong – Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hoan Kiem District; Mr. Vu Xuan Dan – Project Management Unit for Construction Investment of Hoan Kiem District; Mr. Dang Huu Binh – Director of Hanoi Urban Environment Company, Hoan Kiem branch (URENCO); Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Ly – Chairman of Management Council of Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR); Women’s Union (WU) of 10 wards including Chuong Duong, Phuc Tan, Ly Thai To, Cua Dong, Phan Chu Trinh, Hang Trong, Hang Bo, Hang Dao, Hang Bac, Hang Bai as well as representatives of the households that participated in the survey. The survey research project on the current status of waste composition and the ability to separate and collect low-value plastic waste was carried out by CECR, which lasted from July to August 2020. Those who participated in the survey and acted as respondents were the households of 10 wards of Hoan Kiem district. This survey research project aimed to support the Plan No. 10/ KH-UBND, dated January 7, 2020, of the Hoan Kiem district People’s Committee on the implementation of the program “Waste management, segregation and prevention of plastic waste and plastic bags in Hoan Kiem district by 2020, with vision towards 2025”. According to the survey results, the amount of plastic waste accounts for about 20% of each household’s daily waste produced. In particular, low-value plastic waste consists of plastic bags (40%), plastic packaging (22%) and other single-use plastic waste (15%) such as straws, cups, spoons, knives, plates, styrofoam containers for food, etc. Thus, the total amount of low-value plastic waste generated by households within the whole district is estimated to be at 5.8 tons per day. This amount of waste has not been classified and recycled but has just been collected and brought to Nam Son landfill to get disposed by burial method. The landfills are currently at risk of being overloaded. Hence, solutions to efficiently classify collect and recycle waste, especially low-value plastic waste, with a focus on building a circular economy, are highly needed. At the meeting, all parties discussed the issues in the treatment of low-value plastic waste such as small land area and disproportionally large amount of waste. The parties agreed that they need to coordinate to develop a reasonable plan to classify, collect and recycle low-value plastic waste, in which they must assign roles and tasks of each party clearly and determine appropriate ways to collect and separate waste at source by considering who would be collecting, how and how often should waste be collected, etc. The parties also agreed to collaborate in developing a pilot model of sorting, collecting and recycling low-value plastic waste with the participation of the community, in which strong leadership of authorities at all levels, the pioneering role of the Women Union and the study of specific scientific data are the prerequisites. “A circulation economy will definitely open up new directions, promote efficient waste disposal and segregation,” said Representative of the Hang Dao ward’s WU. In the coming time, CECR will continue to do more research and cooperate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hoan Kiem District and the wards’ WUs to pilot the model of sorting, collecting and recycling low-value plastic waste. The development and implementation of the pilot model of plastic waste classification, collection and recycling will make a practical contribution to the implementation of Directive No. 33/ CT-TTg dated 20/08/2020 on strengthening management, reusing, recycling, treating and minimizing plastic waste as well as promoting a circulation economy, which is mentioned in the Law on Environmental Protection (revised) 2020 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Some pictures at the meeting

Ms. Trinh T. Minh Phuong – Deputy Head of Natural Resources and Environment Department, Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee, shared the district’s waste management and segregation plan

Ms. Dinh Thu Hang – Director of CECR expressed CECR’s thanks to the Women Union of each ward for their active participation

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chien – Deputy Director of URENCO, Hoan Kiem district branch supported to build a model of low-value plastic waste treatment

Representative of the Women Union of Chuong Duong ward expressed the expectation to develop a low-value segregation, collection and recycling plan

Representative of the Women Union of Hang Dao ward shared about the waste segregation activities in the local area

Representative of the Women Union of Hang Bac ward shared diferent garbage collection methods to ensure environmental sanitation

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