Project “Ocean without plastic: Plastic recycling program for strong community and green city”

The project is a part of the Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP)/ DIG funded by USAID and is ministered by CECR in Da Nang city with an aim to “ raise awareness and encourage recycling plastic at source based on community, protecting the ocean from plastic pollution.” The project runs awareness programs, reduces waste through organic and recyclable waste sorting system and reduces the usage of nilon plastic bag at source in both Son Tra and Thanh Khe districts in Da Nang city. The operation of these activities will encourage the cooperation of local waste collectors and environmental companies to collect and sort waste more efficiently. Besides the  waste reducing, sorting and recycling programs in two districts, the projects also focuses on raising awareness and responsibilities of fishermen, small businesses, restaurant and hotel franchises in the city to reduce waste production and encourage trash recycling and sorting through trainings, marketing campaigns, and commitments not to release trash in the ocean. At the same time, the project also works with Da Nang Youth Community to encourage youth participation in protecting the sea from plastic pollution. Moreover, the project will establishh Da Nang Community Recycling Network (DNCR), with the participation of waste management experts, environmenl experts, Women Community, university environmental clubs, NGOs, waste collecting and recycling companies, fishermen representatives, local community representatives, Tourism Association who will discuss about current policies and propose new solutions to promote waste recycling and reduce plastic pollution in the oceans through research and policy forums. DNCR- Da Nang Community Recycling Network will be the contributing community on recycling and plastic reduction policies for related organizations and will be the pioneer in operating waste recycling programs. The projects’ results will be contributed to Da Nang Solid Waste Management programs in 2030 and to 2050’s outlook, focusing especially on the importance of sorting and recycling solid municipal waste of Da Nang City.
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Duckkwna. Bae

I want to import plastic from Danang into Korea. So I am looking for a plastic collector in Danang.
If you know a company, can I introduce it to you?
1. Plastic Collectors
Type: HDPE white, color, CD (Compact Disc)
2. Ability to export per week 25 tons 1 container per week
3. Sales amount per KG